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Wednesday's Word: Wednesday's Word - James 3

Wednesday's Word

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's Word - James 3

Negative Resistance James 3:1-12

One majorly important rule of weight training is, "Don't lift what you can't control." Along with proper form, control is improved by 'negative resistance' or exerting effort on the "return" motion. Take for instance dumbell curls for biceps:
From a seated or standing position, you bend your arm at the elbow, contracting your bicep, bringing the weight up in front of you towards your shoulder. Now on the return motion, if you lower the weight slowly rather than letting it drop, you maximize the effect of the exercise. Effort is applied to resist the weight from quickly returning to a relaxed or natural state. As obvious as the nose on your face; holding back is ALWAYS harder than just letting it drop.
Biblically, the tongue is a prime example of the benefits of negative resistance. We all start out tongue-tied. Our tongues are tied to our feelings and emotions, basically our sinful nature. And at any given opportunity, before even considering holding back....we let it drop: Gossip, slander, lying, false witness, inappropriate jokes and comments...the list goes on. As true believers, we have to exercise resistance to that negativity. We have to hold back and show control. Applying the principle of negative resistance on a daily basis will strengthen the ties that bind your tongue to your new nature in Christ Jesus.

James 3:13-18 is also very rich, but I didn't want to make these workouts too long.

Its about The test of true Wisdom. I think of it as those people who come to the Gym and you can tell, even though their working out, they're goal is to just show off. They'd rather look down their nose at you like you're doing it wrong rather than show you how to do it right. What is your goal for working out? is it to heap trophies and medals and accolades on yourself? Or is it to glorify God? One type of wisdom directs one choice and another type directs the other.

In Him,


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