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John Jay - First US Supreme Court Chief Justice
Wednesday's Word: Wednesday's Word - James 1

Wednesday's Word

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday's Word - James 1

Hello All,

Okay, I hope you're read-up and ready. The "Jim" aint no joke. Like a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, dipped in chocolate.....its RICH!!! Okay, sorry bout that word picture, we're supposed to be focused on exercising. I'm taking on 2 excercises today, which could've easily been 10 or so with all that James' 1st chapter has to say.

Say it with me, the gym is a good thing (verses 2 -4)

You know, if the gym wasn't voluntary, I bet there would be an endless list of 'bad' things about it that would discourage you or anyone else from ever going: It hurts. It takes up time. It hurts. You get tired and you coming smelling like P.U....Oh yeah,....and it hurts. But when you volunteer, you're able to focus more on all the benefits rather than the costs.
As Christians, we responded to God's love prompting our hearts. Becoming Christ-like is not easy but Our Father doesn't give up on us, He's the Supreme Spotter & Fitness Aficionado; He puts an extra 10 pounds on the bar and says "C'mon, you got this. I'm not gonna let you fail, trust Me!" He sees our "after" pic with a clarity that would leave us stunned! How do I know? Romans 8:29 says that our "after" pic is Jesus.

Hey! I know a lil Spanish (verses 22- 25)

How many of us took a second language way back when? We often have to jokingly, yet shamefully admit "Yeah, I took 2 years of "blah blah" and even got an A in the class. I know a few words and phrases, but I just didn't keep up with it." And no one would ever look down on you because of it. Why? It's obvious that you can't remain fluent in someting you never use. Simply put, some things AREN'T just like riding a bike. Genuine Christianity, which the whole book of James speaks to, is not a one-time check mark experience. You can't peruse your copy of "My First Bible" for a couple of year's worth of Sunday Schools before stashing it in the drawer, figuring to yourself "I'm all set." You can't take your best of intentions and 'wing it' to the glory of God. Genuine Christianity is something you have to live out on a daily basis to become and stay fluent in it. So when you come across people who know a 'lil' bit about what's in the Bible, but they've been in church for years.... hmmmm, makes you wonder.

Yeah, so ummm, a lil longer than usual but really, read James chapter 1 and tell me what YOU see.

In Him,


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