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Wednesday's Word: November 2015

Wednesday's Word

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tents Toward Sodom

You know, this almost feels like it’s going to be a little uncomfortable to write, which in itself is very telling. Our society has grown so accustomed to being accommodating that I believe it’s done a disservice to itself when it comes to expressing convictions about anything.
To overcome my fear of 'engaging', I spend quite a bit of time honing my ability to publicly (although comfortably and less personally) dialogue about difficult topics in online forums where ‘the struggle is real’.
It could just be me but there seems to be a growing fear of pushing people further away when it comes to sharing Christ. Not only do people simply seem less receptive but downright hostile to those who would express a disagreeance in regards to the advancement of popularized themes contrary to the Bible.
And one of the main things I hear in an effort to disarm Christians is the phrase "You're just trying to force your beliefs on people" and honestly, it gives my heart a little prick each time, even though I know it could''t be further from the truth.

There are quite a few Bible verses that are short and sweet; 'Jesus wept', 'Rejoice always', 'Brothers, pray for us' that when given their proper weight, carry a lot more than their exiguous words initially imply. (exiguous is just a fancy way to say "small")

Here’s The Word:

Genesis 13:12b – (Lot) pitched his tent toward Sodom.

In its simplicity, this could just mean that “Lot moved over there next to the corner market.” But it’s saying WAY more than that. Lot had a choice of places to live since things had gotten tense with him and his uncle (Abraham) concerning the size of their estates clashing over grazing pasture for the livestock. The implication of Lot pitching his tent toward Sodom presupposes the idea that Sodom had a reputation that should’ve mattered to Lot: A notoriety that someone aware of the desensitizing effect of a deteriorating cultural conscience would do better to avoid.

However, we are not called to avoid. We are called to engage. We are called to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) and in the context, it does give credence to the opposing friction that light has with darkness and the usefulness of salt in action as opposed to uselessness.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the term we use for the action of preserving meat by covering it with salt is called “curing”.

Carrying that thought forward, when people go in for a cure; the ends justify the means. A diabetic may not want to have their foot amputated but it’d be the epitome of crazy to tell them that you refuse to cut it off because you’d feel bad that they're going to have to learn how to get along without the diseased foot.
See where this is going?
Sin always spreads to death and to continue to redefine it to something less offensive makes it no less sin. Somehow it seems that we've become comfortable with stagnation, standing still. However, if we're not (gracefully) advancing the message and heart of the Gospel, we're being disobedient. We're supposed to be actively pursuing 'a more excellent way' not just trying to avoid heinous aberrations.

To whatever level people are embracing sin (starting with the mirror), for us to be salt and light means that we can’t turn a blind eye in order to get along. I adamantly support that our sharing should be seasoned with grace, but that’s what we need to pray for: the grace; the tender patience and boldness to share truth at the typical expectation of being marginalized, demonized and criticized as bigots and hypocrites. All we have to concern ourselves with is our Father, our Audience of One and be genuine, sincere and gracious in sharing that He that’s doing a good work in us wants to do a good work in all who will lay down their arms and come to Him. For us to do otherwise makes me think we’ve grown dull in the fact that we've pitched our tents toward Sodom.

In Him,