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Wednesday's Word: Black History Reflection on Slavery

Wednesday's Word

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Black History Reflection on Slavery

As I study the information, I would say that the most common thing that comes to mind on the topic of African American slavery is the stories and images of the brutality exacted against slaves. With study, there may surface an apparent progression of circumstances that disclose the origins and emergence of such brutality, but no reason justifies this as an excuse for such injustice.

The nation as a whole never fully embraced slavery and many were vehemently opposed to the brutality. Just as the “black codes” were taking effect in the south, there were those (non-blacks) who risked much by either simply speaking out against slavery or actively trying to eradicate its abhorrent practice. History books list the Abolitionist Movement as beginning in 1830, but its obvious that much earlier, slavery divided the nation and many revolted, spoke out, and aided the escape of slaves way before then.


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