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Wednesday's Word: African American History - First Recorded Slave Owner

Wednesday's Word

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

African American History - First Recorded Slave Owner

The first recorded slave owner in U.S. History was a black man
Apparently, slavery didn't start out as bad as it eventually became.
There seems to be several historical narratives of a system of "indentured servants"; even Africans working alongside with low class white people for a period of years that ended with these servants being paid in property for their time in servanthood.
Which introduces the story of Antonio "Negro" from Angola ( which may or may not have became) Anthony Johnson who after completing his time as a servant, recieved 250 acres of land in Virginia. He was married, had children and in 1647, is listed as a 'free negro'. A 1654 Northampton court case surrounding the servitude and "ownership" of servant John Casor was decided in Johnson's favor which awarded Casor as his servant "for life" making him the first recorded slave owner. This case seems to have had a great and lasting effect and 'is considered one of the first legal cases to make a racial distinction between black and white indentured servant'.


Anonymous Chris said...

That's not Anthony Johnson. The drawing is called "Portrait of Negro" by A. Durer. It was created in 1508, 92 yrs before Johnson was born. He is his works on Amazon.

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