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Wednesday's Word: Monday's Meditation - The Clock Gospel

Wednesday's Word

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Monday's Meditation - The Clock Gospel

The Clock Gospel
(developed from a dream I had Sep 1 2014)

When you look at a old watch or wall clock, do you see the Gospel? Not simply in the idea that time is running out. Look closer.

The Long hand is God, The Father. The minute hand. God counts away each MINUTE in our lives. He knows the span of each life and He's involved with the big things all the way down to the "MINUTE" details. He doesn't just look at our actions, He looks deep in the heart and tests our motivations; even our very words are recorded to be played back as we are to give an account for every idle word.

The short hand is us. We're only here for a short time and although we call it the hour hand, we'd sorely regret living this life leaning to OUR understanding, motivated only by OUR desires. Thank God that He's provided the solution for OUR ultimate problem; OUR sinful state.

Which brings us to the second hand; and in relationship to time, each minute is further broken down into seconds which is what Christ did. He addressed the "minute" details of The Law and explained that these could be fulfilled only with a changed heart; a heart that loves God first and foremost, followed by loving your neighbor as yourself.

The Word of God is embodied in the SECOND Person of The Trinity and it tells us to make every SECOND count because at the SECOND coming, there will be no SECOND chances.

You see, time is not only relative, but the aspects of time are related.

Here's The Word:

2 Corinthians 5:19(a) To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself,

That's a fundamental truth of The Gospel. Reconciliation. Bringing us back in to the intended relationship with our Maker.
- Stated another way. God's longsuffering didn't quickly count us out (although He could've without a second guess), His desire to address the minute details of our predicament via a living example caused Him to send His son into our situation (minus the sinfulness) so we could be redeemed and follow His example, for God's glory and our benefit.

The next time you look at a clock - Look closer and see The Gospel.

In Him,


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