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Wednesday's Word: Good, Better, Blessed

Wednesday's Word

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Good, Better, Blessed

This is about a progression of faith that goes along with our profession of faith. We all start from dark places that actually made some kind of sense to us before Christ started showing us where we fall short. We look back on our shameful days, no longer in grief, but in reflection of the fact that Christ bought us, and He brought us from old, dead things. He's taking us to Life, and that more abundantly.


What good is a kind heart, if Christ is not at its core?
What good is this life, blind to what He has in store?
What good is godliness, detached from any real power?
What good long suffering that gives up after an hour?
What good is a direction without Christ as the destination?
What good is patience that turns out to be procrastination?
What good is the word “love”, without any tangible proof?
What good is information that doesn’t enlighten you to the truth?
What good is 'faith occasionally', which comes and goes like the wind?
What good is having resources, which are never used to help a friend?
What good is encouragement, without really meeting one’s needs?
What good is saying “I belong to Him”, but not following where HE leads?
What good is it, being able to say “I’m blessed and highly favored”?
What good is it to be a witness, yet still a stranger to your neighbor?


What could be better than living proof – it’s better to give than to receive?
What could be better than this resolve: “though not seeing, yet have believed”?
What could be better than unfolding His word, His truth that gives life meaning?
What could be better than beholding His Glory, unable to stop the tears from streaming ?
What could be better than to finally hear “Well done, they faithful servant”?
What could be better than receiving His grace knowing full well you don’t deserve it?
What could be better than letting it all go – strivings for prestige and possessions?
What could be better than the light coming on, when you’ve finally learned the lesson?
What could be better than intimate closeness with God forever and ever?
What could be better than the Son, glorified – all prophecy fulfilled to the letter?
What could be better than pain and suffering gone, never to return anymore?
What could be better than our soul’s rest, cause there’s nothing left to restore?
What could be better than a High view of God, seeking to give Him reverence?
What could be better at life’s final breath – being welcomed into His presence?

Here’s The Word:

Matthew 5:3 - 12


Blessed are the poor in spirit: the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.
Blessed are they that mourn: they shall be comforted from all their cares.
Blessed are the meek: the whole earth is what they’ll receive.
And those who hunger and thirst to be righteous: God will fulfill that need.
Blessed are the merciful: mercy is what they'll obtain.
Blessed are the pure in heart: It is they who will see God reign.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called God’s heirs.
Blessed are those troubled for righteousness' sake: the kingdom is also theirs.
Blessed are you, when people insult and attack you falsely for Christ’s sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for your reward in Heaven is great.
The prophets before you were treated as such. Eternity is ours for the sharing.
How good, and better and blessed we’ll be when the eternal replaces ‘temporary’.

I was careful, yet creative with 'The Beatitudes' in bringing this together. Take a look and make sure I didn't twist anything.
Just a little something to make you think and rejoice!

In Him,


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