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Wednesday's Word: African American History - The Revolutionary War

Wednesday's Word

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

African American History - The Revolutionary War

Slaves and free blacks fought for the Continentals and for the British during the Revolutionary War. At Monmouth, African Americans faced each other. That battle did not matter much, nor, at the end of the war, did it much matter for which side blacks bore arms, at least as it concerned their freedom.

Author Vernon Jordan states, “the role of the black (slave) in the Revolution can best be understood by realizing that his major loyalty was not to a place, nor to a people, but to a principle (liberty)."

There is no reliable record of how many blacks fought on either side, it is estimated that 3000 fought on the American side, and Thomas Jefferson placed the number of former slaves fighting for the British at 30,000. Eighty-eight years before Lincoln’s proclamation, an Act of Lord Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia in November 1775 emancipated all slaves “able and willing to bear arms, joining His Majesties Troops for more speedily reducing the colony to a proper sense of their duty to His Majesty’s Crown and dignity.”


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