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Wednesday's Word: Do You Pray for Me?

Wednesday's Word

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Do You Pray for Me?

What do you ask the Ruler of Heaven
When you consider my needs?
Is my comfort and care at the top of the list?
Is my peace among the things you plead?
For an ease unfettered, and a path unhindered
That I’d feel only His presence abound?
That my company would be exclusively among the saints
No deceit or worldliness around?
That the time that I spend bent down on my knees
Would result in clear insight and truth?
And those insightful answers, given a chance, will
Stand as my ‘righteousness’ proof?
Do you pray that the troubles that comes to my life
find me strong and able to bear?
While knowing steadfastly to cling to the Light
Casting upon Him every care?
Well as much as is proper, I pray that you’re thoughtful
To pray God’s true will for my heart.
Even though He be lenient, I’d be more obedient
As my soul sings “How Great Thou Art”.
Pray that I be useful in love and longsuffering
evidence of a desire SO real.
Of His will I'd declare it, not that any should perish
that His stripes show His desire to heal.
Pray for me that the time I spend in His Word
Would push me to be found like Him.
That I’d seek to go out in boldness of spirit
And do those things that delight Him.
That compassion unfeigned and ‘old life’ estranged
Motivated to embrace every day.
As an opportunity to better and never forget
The prayers of those that pave my way.
Pray that my bravery in the face of danger
Would be found in His strength, not mine.
That I would serve the stranger, and sin not in anger
And bare witness to His Light that shines.
That I’d boldly claim, and ne’er be ashamed
Of The Gospel as I seek my God’s face.
Emphasizing just this; His great love and justice
Proclaiming His mercy and Grace.
An absolute promotion for His Richness and Word
My anchor in all storms a-brewin’!
That I’d persevere as a doer who acts
And be found blessed in my doing.
So as I journey on, I’m deeply concerned
At how God comfortably settles for few.
That you’d also be found wholly righteous in Christ.
Yes, these are also my prayers for you!

Here's The Word;

James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

In Him,


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